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Remarkable Index

We help companies hire better people, craft a remarkable culture, improve performance, and save millions in hiring costs by dramatically reducing turnover


The Science

  • Leverages nobel prize nominated science

  • Statistically the MOST advanced, powerful, and predictive tool on the market!

  • Documented in over 30 individual studies for Construct, Face, and Predictive Validity


The Results

  • Significant turnover reduction that saves our clients millions of dollars per year on hiring costs

  • Reduction in time to productivity for new hires

  • Improved bottom line performance

  • Increased engagement!


The Process

  • Takes only 15 minutes to complete

  • 12.8 quadrillion possible outcomes filtered into one simplified report

  • Meets rigorous EEOC standards

  • Easy to identify the best candidates for your organization


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"Every organization has a culture. It will either be by design or by default. Remarkable! will help leaders intentionally craft a compelling culture, where team members are inspired to bring their best to the table every single day."

New York Times bestselling author