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Remarkable Assessment Platform

Cliché or not, your people are the greatest asset of your business. When you select and retain the right people, develop and promote the right people, motivate and mentor the right people, the right people will drive your organization forward to achieve your objectives, success and growth.


Our organizations succeed and fail on the strength of our teams. And while a very few companies regularly succeed in bringing the right people into the organization, most experience disappointing results. It is a time intensive, high risk effort to trust new people to the organization. As well, candidates are getting better and better at selling themselves to hiring managers, learning to present their ideal self to land the job! Eventually, however, the real person begins to show up for work and it’s not the person you hired!

At Remarkable, our clients reduce the time, risk, and uncertainty of hiring through the use of our Judgment Index PAR program. Through the science of axiology, we can provide a predictive view regarding the style, strength, and personal well-being of an applicant, allowing you to spend more time interviewing the candidates you want to find the best skills, experience, and cultural fit for your organization.

This seamless solution provides a cloud based assessment interface with real time results delivered direct to your desktop!

Companies that use the Remarkable PAR experience:

  • Reduced turnover
  • Reduction in time to productivity for new hires
  • Reduction in management activity and oversight for employees
  • Improved bottom line performance
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased engagement!

Additionally, the Remarkable PAR provides hiring solutions that focus on:

  • Sales Professionals
  • Safety and Risk
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Customer Service

The best part is that each hiring target is based on the profile of your highest performing team members, creating a winning profile that is just right for your company, culture, and industry! Contact us today to learn more about implementing a PAR solution for your organization!


If you needed a brain surgeon, you would not want one that was just doing it for the money. You want a passionate, emotionally engaged professional. Organizations that are filled with engaged employees consistently outperform dis-engaged organizations by a significant margin. Engagement is rocket fuel for the Remarkable!

The challenge is in developing a trustworthy view of both the internal and external components of engagement. Through the Engagement Index you can now actually measure the emotional wellbeing and attachment to work of your employees. This application of the Judgment Index can provide a deep and diagnostic view of your organization in an afternoon, pinpointing areas for improvement and allowing you to actively measure progress in the life and health of your organization.

Contact us today to review a sample report and case data for the Engagement Index!

Executive Development

The Remarkable Index also provides a full narrative that can enrich leadership coaching and support long term executive development for current leaders and high potential leaders. These custom consulting programs work within the framework of your organizations objectives and lead to powerful breakthroughs in leadership and personal accomplishment.''

Validation Studies

For more information about the powerful scientific and marketplace support for this incredible platform click here.

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