Case Studies



Krystal’s use of our processes and reports has cut hiring and training costs by $3.7 million over three years.

Before using the index, managerial turnover was as high as 60%. Thirty-six months later manager turnover dropped to just 29%

Longer term employees are now driving greater performance and efficiencies.

BlueCross BlueShield

Within one year turnover was cut in half from 38% down to 17%. By the end of two years, turnover had been reduced in half again down to just 7%.

In training costs alone, savings amounts to $2,800,000 per year.

Memorial Herman Healthcare System

Using our processes and reports, Memorial Hermann substantially reduced turnover and vacancy rates. Recruiting to best performance template allowed new employee training time to be reduced from eighteen (18) weeks to eight (8) weeks.

Hiring the RIGHT people reduced turnover, improved performance, and in one year alone saved MHHS $4,250,000.

Critical Healthcare Positions

Using our processes and reports, a large mid-west healthcare system reduces turnover in one year by 109 critical positions. This improvement amounts to a hard dollar savings of $5,722,500 – for one year!

Critical Nurse Hiring

This healthcare system saw dramatic improvement in retention, lowering attrition from 28% down to just 6% in the first year. Savings amounted to $4,280,000 in the first twelve (12) months following implementation