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Whether you're looking to enroll in the complete Fireproof Happiness Masterclass or try our Free Mini-Course, we're thrilled to help ignite a spark in your journey to Fireproof Happiness.

These two courses are for anyone who wants to build a better life. Learn principles and practices that will elevate both hope and happiness. People who are hopeful are happier, healthier, more productive and have better relationships. So, level up your hope and happiness.

By the end of each course, you will be able to face and embrace challenging times with a positive mindset. You’ll learn how to bounce back higher when life throws you down hard. You’ll also discover how to soar to new heights by leveraging the winds of adversity. And, it's not just for those facing tough times. Find real happiness that doesn’t fade. Deepen your character and learn how to set inspirational goals to build a brighter tomorrow.


For many, hope is hard to explain and even more challenging to apply. We begin by defining hope and discussing the scientifically-validated research on the power and impact of hope. Then, we introduce the Fireproof Happiness Strategy, which involves adopting the Buoyancy Beliefs of hope. We close by exploring the elements that give rise to someone’s perspective on life and discuss what it means to move toward maturity.





The Buoyancy Beliefs of hope form the foundation of a healthy perspective on life. It all begins with Positivity and the belief that, “Tomorrow can be better than today.” The principle of Responsibility states that, “I am not a victim and I have a say in how my life unfolds.” Agility is the understanding that, “There are multiple pathways to any important goal.” And finally, Reality embraces the fact that, “Obstacles will come my way and I will be prepared to face them effectively.




A big part of hope is being able to find fresh meaning in the messy and mundane aspects of life. Seeing the familiar in an entirely different light allows anyone to leverage bad times to accomplish good things. How we view things will drive how we do things. Here, we offer a new way of viewing life’s challenges, turning tumultuous times into transformational opportunities. Discover how you can turn adversity into your greatest advantage. When life throws you down hard, you can bounce back even higher if you understand the connection between hope and happiness.


Heuristics are the strategies that we employ in the decision-making process based upon life experiences and familiar patterns. Our choices are often driven by these hidden leanings that are rarely examined. Drawing from insights revealed by the Hope Rises Assessment and Report, we do a deep dive, examining the elements that contribute to our hope factor. Then, we begin to chart a course to move us toward emotional maturity.


Viktor Frankl was a neurologist, psychiatrist and philosopher who survived the concentration camps of the Holocaust. Drawing from his experiences, this section explores principles that will allow anyone to face and embrace life’s greatest challenges. Then, we begin unpack specific Habits of Hope that can be employed to help anyone not merely survive, but to thrive in the midst of adversity.


Continuing to explore more Habits of Hope, we conclude by crafting your Personal Life Purpose Statement, establishing effective routines, building a supportive community and drawing upon faith to build your own Fireproof Happiness Plan. Applying practical wisdom to the principles of hope, we help you make life better by becoming better at life. Fireproof Happiness will help you build a brighter tomorrow.

Mo Anderson

Former CEO

“Hope is a powerful force for good for those who understand it and know how to embrace it. Fireproof Happiness both explains the impact of hope and provides practical ways to put hope into practice, impacting your life and leadership."

David Salyers

Author, Speaker, Former VP of Marketing

“Randy Ross takes a common concept we all need and explores hope in a way that provides uncommon insights that yield a profound impact. If you want a methodology to build a better tomorrow, you don’t have to hope to find it. You just did!”

Hi, I'm Dr. Randy Ross...

Across my career, I've had the opportunity to consult with and coach leaders at every level in organizations around the globe. It's been my privilege to work with companies like Chick-fil-A, Compass Group, Comcast, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Panasonic, GE Appliances, McDonald’s, Keller Williams and Cox Communications, just to name a few that you might recognize. And I’ve seen and talked with thousands of leaders.
Its been fascinating to observe and take note of what separates average leaders from those that are truly REMARKABLE! And I've been curious to understand what makes the difference between those who collapse under the weight of crushing circumstances and what makes others seem to soar on the winds of adversity. I’ve also combed the scientific research to discover principles and practices that anyone can apply to elevate essential elements that are guaranteed to make life healthier, happier and more meaningful. And now I’m making these secrets available to everyone.
Having witnessed the power of these concepts personally, I want to share them to help others build a brighter tomorrow and find more fulfillment by living a more purposeful life. That’s why I am thrilled to bring to you "Fireproof Happiness." These transformational truths will help you harness the power of Applied Hope to face adversity and lead a life of joy and productivity. I want to personally invite you to join me on this journey as together we build a brighter tomorrow.

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