Remarkable PAR Signup Agreement

To complete the online signup process for the use of the Remarkable PAR please review the following terms, complete the signup form below, and complete the locations list. Upon completion an activation coordinator will be in touch to review usage credentials, billing information, and manager training activity.

Remarkable PAR Subscription Terms

The subscription for use of the Remarkable PAR provides the licensee (client) with access to an use of the Remarkable PAR for a term of twelve (12) months from the subscription execution date, renewable annually unless cancelled 30 days prior to the renewal date from last subscription.

The license for use the PAR authorizes the licensee to provide to employee applicants a web address (URL) that will allow the applicant to electronically access the Remarkable PAR assessment system via a web browser for the purpose of completing the assessment. Upon completion of the assessment the applicant will NOT receive a copy of the report but will be directed to follow up with the client.

Within minutes of assessment completion the licensee will receive a PDF report providing the results of the assessment including a recommendation for hire/not hire as well as targeted behavioral interview questions for the hiring manager to reference in conducting the candidate interview.

As a licensee you agree to abide by the following terms:

  • No results will be given to the applicant at any time. The results will only be utilized internally within the hiring organization
  • The licensee should never disclose to the applicant that the assessment was the reason for disqualification should that occur. Simple indicate that you have elected not to proceed at this time.
  • You will complete an online training webinar in the use and administration of the Remarkable PAR for all hiring managers who will be utilizing the tool. This is provided at no additional charge.
  • You agree to only utilize the Remarkable PAR at the number of locations designated in the agreement. Utilizing for additional locations than licensed will result in immediate termination of services with no refund.

Billing is conducted annually using credit card information and is renewed at the anniversary month automatically unless notified 30 days in advance.


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