Remarkable Leadership Development Workshops


The Power of Valucentricity

Unity is a powerful force for good, which can increase both employee engagement and elevate performance. This session will deal with value creation and the commitment to produce movements of good. Drawing from the philosophical field of applied axiology, this session breaks down complex ideas and makes them simple to apply by creating common language by regularly asking four profound questions. This session will serve to lay the foundation for each of the other sessions and prepare the participants for the coaching experience.

Additional Half-Day Option 

Each participant, upon receiving a copy of Remarkable!, would take the Engagement Index and received the report. The afternoon would be used for a debrief on the results and conclude in the creation of a Plan for Personal Development.

Crafting a High-Trust Culture

Trust is the commodity of leadership. This session will explore the six components of trust and why each is so important to establishing healthy relationships. Participants will be presented with a highly interactive growth opportunity to evaluate which of these elements are strengths and which are weaknesses. Then, each person will craft Next Steps to guide them in strengthening their leadership capacity, leading to higher team trust and buy-in.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Far more impactful than rational intelligence or personality, Emotional Intelligence is the secret to strong leadership. The ability to read and lead self, and then read and lead others is at the heart of inspirational leadership. While most spend little time evaluating how well they manage their emotional energy, this session will prepare the participants to grow in their ability to connect deeply with others and maximize their impact on team members.

Command and control forms of leadership rarely produce long-term positive results. Good leaders know how to get to the heart of the matter by guiding and mentoring others through the use of powerful questions. Questions breed empowerment, ownership and elevated performance and team members are encouraged to bring their best creativity to play to resolve pressing issues. Good leaders guide others to use their passion and align their strengths to solve problems.

The Power of Leading Through Questions

Leaders are coaches. Coaching provide both encouragement and accountability. And, accountability involves confronting behaviors and issues that are non-productive. This session will equip participants with the knowledge and skill to have difficult developmental conversations with team members, holding them accountable for results while deepening relationships. The session includes tips on how to both receive and deliver productive feedback (The Growth Spiral) and why it is so important for the development of individuals and teams. Participants will grow in their competencies to be bold leaders.

The Art of RAW Conversations

This deeply introspective and interactive session asks the question, “What do you want to be known for?” While most leaders are busy leading the enterprise, few slow down to contemplate whether or not they are creating a positive wake in their sphere of influence. Since relationships drive performance, leaders will be challenged to prepare a Leadership Legacy Statement and thoughtfully reflect upon what kind of a leader they want to be. This session will help participants discover how to connect deeply, lead boldly and inspire consistently. The session will culminate with a challenge to create a movement of good within each person’s sphere of influence.

Building Your Leadership Legacy

Each of these workshops can be customized for the benefit or your team