Remarkable University


College and Athletic Application

Using our acclaimed Remarkable! content, we work with Colleges, Universities and Athletic Departments to craft a customized program centered on character development that equips students and athletes to elevate performance both in the classroom and on the field. By creating close-knit communities, where the principles of applied axiology and value creation can be discussed and practiced.

We can Help

  • Build team unity
  • Mitigate the risk of poor judgment
  • Inspire elevated performance
  • Assess emotional health and well-being
  • Identify “at-risk” students and athletes
  • Provide specific intervention
  • Bring clarity to academic and career pathing
  • Ensure progression
  • Reduce attrition/fall-out


A Roadmap to Remarkable

  • Enhance the First Year Experience
  • Build Character Development Programs
  • Strengthen Student Orientation
  • Cultivate Campus Leadership Programs
  • Advance Career Services
  • Complement Advanced Degree Programs