Our Formula

  • We believe that people grow into the conversations you create around them
  • We create opportunities for you and your leadership team to directly and powerfully experience the principles as you are learning them
  • We equip you to return to your team and your work refreshed, re-engaged, and inspired to lead differently!
  • We help you create "movements of good," because people like to do good business with organizations that do good

The Change

  • Learn to lead with greater trust & less resistance
  • Understand and cultivate the key factors of healthy influence
  • Develop the skills necessary to master difficult conversations
  • Grow your emotional intelligence & your confidence, connecting more deeply with others and becoming a leader worth following
  • Develop a new vision for your future and clarify your purpose as a leader

The Details

  • We customize each deployment to meet your specific leadership development objectives

  • We recommend that class sizes be limited to 50 participants to make them highly interactive
  • Our proprietary assessment tools can help identify growth opportunities
  • Live, virtual and digital offerings provide the perfect blended learning experience and help people apply what they learn

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Customized Leadership Experiences

Our Leadership Development Platform is quite simply the most powerful way to learn to LEAD and not just MANAGE. These are the secrets they don't teach you in business school.

Learn to:

  • Align teams to create extraordinary value

  • Resolve conflict effectively & elevate trust

  • Create an inspirational coaching environment

  • Craft a compelling & collaborative culture

  • Help team members find more fulfillment in their work

“The RLP was the most impactful two days of interactive training that I have ever experienced in my 30-year professional career. This program takes the common practices depicted in the book and brings them to life. If you want to improve the culture of your organization, while fully engaging your associates, I strongly encourage you to get each team member a copy of Remarkable! and Relationomics. If they embrace the principles imparted in these books, then you can most certainly expect a higher level of passion and performance to permeate the organization.”

TRAVIS YOUNG, Regional VP, Aramark

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