Validation Studies

The Remarkable Index is based on the groundbreaking and Nobel Prize nominated research of the late Dr. Robert Hartman. This powerful tool, also known as the Hartman Values Profile and The Judgment Index is supported by significant scientific, marketplace, and peer reviewed study demonstrating its efficacy, legal validity, depth of information, and predictive nature. For more detailed information please review the resources below.



The New Science of Axiological Psychology

Dr. Leon Pomeroy’s book, The New Science of Axiological Psychology, is the most recent, comprehensive, thorough, and worldwide validation effort. This important book uses scientific validity measures to create an empirical value science and a normative new science of axiological psychology by integrating cognitive psychology with Robert S. Hartman’s formal theory of axiological science. It reveals a scientific way to identify and rank human values to achieve values appreciation, values clarification, and values measurement for the twenty first century.

Wayne Carpenter’s Validity Studies Of The Hartman Profile Model

Dr. Steve Byrum’s validity studies conducted in 2005 for BlueCross Blue shield are now available