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What people are saying about Remarkable!

There is significant empirical evidence that a healthy corporate culture facilitates sustained organizational success. Remarkable! provides compelling insight as to how personal character development and a healthy corporate culture are inextricably linked.

DAVE RIDLEY - Senior Vice President, Southwest Airlines

When the culture of an organization is right, people are motivated by factors far more powerful than money. Remarkable! will help you get the culture right.

ANDY STANLEY - Author and Founder of North Point Ministries, Inc.

I make my living by studying culture and then sharing insights and observations that make people laugh. But, creating the culture of an organization is no laughing matter - people's lives and livelihoods are at stake. And yet, I think some of the same process applies. You must study the culture of your organization and then share insights and observations that inspire and motivate people. This book is filled with just such insights. If you study and apply them, well, then who knows, "You might be Remarkable!"

JEFF FOXWORTHY - Author, Actor, Talk Show Host

Infused with humor and a fascination story line, this book sets forth principles of a value system that will ensure enduring success for any organization. It is a dramatic story that is both enjoyable and powerful. It is Remarkable!

EARL T. LEONARD, JR - Senior Vice President (retired) The Coca-Cola Company